Automation with AI: How to grow whilst reducing your business overheads

AI 2021 Mar 18, 2021

Many businesses are coming to realise the tasks and processes they rely on are repetitive, manual and a demand large amount of resources. What is more, many of these tasks are inefficient which has real implications such as increased costs and restricted growth. These fundamental challenges combined with advances in technology has led more business leaders to recognise the potential power of automation and that failing to automate means running the risk of becoming obsolete.

The scope of opportunity for automation is immense and the market is already becoming packed with solution providers solving industry specific or common pain-points and bottlenecks that can be resolved through automation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In white-collar industries such as law, banking and accountancy, tools that can help manage the sheer amount of documentation are in high-demand. In manufacturing, technology that can optimise predictions for machine maintenance to reduce down-time and costs are game-changing. In sectors, such as construction, architecture and creative industries there is abundant opportunity to innovate the design process. One area that Brainpool has led truly remarkable innovation is in the construction sector with the development of the first fully automated timber floor construction design platform, DAISY AI.

So where do you start looking for automation opportunities? Begin by looking at those manual and repetitive tasks that cost time, money and hinder growth. If you need help understanding the scope of opportunity available, reach out to the Brainpool team. Our discovery sessions are designed to help identify opportunities that can be addressed through AI and Machine Learning and develop a strategy and roadmap that turns these ideas into reality.

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