Client Case Study - Floor Plan Optimisation

Case Study Jun 25, 2019

Industry: Construction

Area: Floor Plan Design

Solution: Machine Learning


Our client is Europe’s only i-Joist, Floor Kit and staircase manufacturer. It has seen exponential growth over recent years and are seeking ways to improve efficiency whilst maintaining their high standards.

The Challenge

 One of the most time consuming aspects of the construction process is the designing of the floor plan. Architects must consider an enormous range of factors and constraints during this process, ranging from client requirements to government regulations. It usually takes between 3-6 weeks for a final floorplan to be agreed on, and can cost between £3000-£6000. Even after spending a significant period of time calculating what they believe is the best layout, it is highly unlikely that the architect has reached the optimum floor plan design. If this process could be improved, our client could take on more business and accelerate their growth further.

The Solution

Brainpool proposed the implementation of a bespoke ML system capable of automating the floor plan design process. This has never been attempted, and has to potential to transform the way the construction industry operates. The client agreed to proceed with project, and we are now in the building stage.

The system Brainpool are developing will require the architect to input the data necessary to calculate the optimum floor plan design. As mentioned, this data will come from the clients requirements, and constraints such as government regulations.

Examples of Client Requirement:

Cost of build, Materials Used, Size of Build, Speed of Build, Accessories

Examples of Government Regulations:

Deflection Limits, Vibration Checks, Masonry Strength, Code of Practice


Brainpool are in the building stage of this project. We have already seen encouraging results from the system, and are looking forward to implementing the finished product into our clients company.