Demystifying Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence - Business Workshop

Blog Dec 04, 2018

Friday, 15th of February, 2019; 9.30 am- 5pm

UCL Hatchery, Base KX, 103c Camley St, Kings Cross, London, N1C4PF


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are hot topics with the potential to automate business processes, generate new insights and transform customer experiences. Staying ahead in the accelerating AI race requires executives to make quick, informed decisions about where and how to employ AI in their business.

Yet, for many organisations AI/ML can seem inaccessible. While the potential of AI in business is well articulated, the problem for many businesses is knowing where to start. Accessing the right talent, identifying projects, creating a compelling business case and choosing technology tools and platforms are major challenges in this constantly evolving field.

Our Brainpool Workshop aims to explore where organisations are in the planning for the adoption of AI and what it takes to achieve business value out of AI. As such, the workshop will enable attendees to effectively navigate the complex landscape of data science while providing a practical overview of the field of AI and Machine Learning.

Who should attend:

  • Business users who wish to understand how ML/AI should be applied for problem solving (without being bogged down by technical details)
  • Entrepreneurs who aiming to differentiate their business on the basis of data science
  • Data Scientists/Analysts/ Engineers who wish to expand their skill-set into practical problem solving aspects

What to expect

We kick off the day with a free BRAINPOOL Academy session. This session will give you a thorough understanding of AI and ML and their business applications.

In the afternoon it’s time to focus on BRAINPOOL Solutions. Here it’s all about your own organisation, and one of our experts will work with your team individually to diagnose, generate ideas and concrete solutions.



How can Machine Learning help businesses? Topics covered:

Introduction AI & ML

  • Understand the Difference between AI & ML
  • Learn about different ML algorithms and their applications
  • Machine learning tools – overview

Applications of AI and ML in business

  • How the collective intelligence of humans and computers can address business problems.
  • Implications of these new technologies for business strategy.
  • Creating the conditions for success in adopting AI – building a data science culture.

The Future of AI

  • Emerging trends and best practices
  • Long-term business, economic and social issues
  • Ethics of AI


1.00pm – 4.30pm

Implement AI in your organization

(Practical session, at £1,250 per team)

How can I reach my business objectives using machine learning? Here your team will be working directly with one of our experts (one-to-one).

To ensure we make the most out of your time with us, we will ask you in advance to provide us with some relevant information about your organisation. This will allow the Brainpool expert to prepare a portfolio of ideas and solutions prior to the workshop.


  • An understanding of how ML can be used to solve your specific business challenge
  • A portfolio of ML solutions that are possible to implement within your organisation given the current data infrastructure

Know-how on:

  • Building a strategy that supports exploration and discovery of AI solutions
  • Selecting tools and platforms that maintain a low cost of exploration
  • The application of specific ML algorithms that will drive new business opportunities
  • Awareness of the major management hurdles and risks presented by AI in your organisation
  • Ideas on how to best establish the AI team – Who you need and what infrastructure is critical!

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