Our Crowdfunding Campaign is now live!

News Oct 15, 2019


Brainpool is a global network of AI and Machine Learning experts, coming from some of the best AI hubs such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and NYU. We apply the latest research to give AI solutions for the most pressing business challenges.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest retailers, social networks and investment banks helping them apply machine learning and AI to automate, optimise or increase efficiency of their operations.

We have gained profound understanding on areas where demand and opportunity exists in AI by working with our clients. Based on this knowledge we have identified an area in which we can excel and build our first very own products – Forstack and DAISY.

Forstack is an algorithm that predicts movements in the financial-time series with higher than average accuracy. DAISY is an automated Design AI System that finds an optimal floorplan design with a click of a button.

The demand for AI is huge and, there is likely to be more companies needing AI than the AI experts themselves. Thanks to this growing demand we have started generating revenue from year 1. After doubling the revenue in year 2 we are now ready to scale through selling our first two products launch.

We are now organising the crowdfunding investment in order to accelerate the process of bringing our first two products to the market. We are raising £120,001 at a valuation of £3.5M offering 3.30% as equity to the investors. Join the AI revolution and invest in Brainpool by following this link:


For the next 5 days you will have an exclusive private access to our investment page which includes information about our progress to date and the long-term strategy. If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Thanks for your support!