Senior Full-Stack Developer

News Jan 27, 2020

Brainpool is an artificial intelligence start-up providing custom AI solutions with the help of its network of AI and Machine Learning experts. Members of Brainpool are PhD-level scientists from top universities such as UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard. Brainpool provides companies with end-to-end AI solutions, starting from strategy development, planning and finding resources all the way to implementation.

We are looking for an experienced developer with at least 5 years experience and a good track record of developing and delivering object-oriented code for web-applications. Ideally, this candidate should be comfortable working with python as a backend language and to deliver code in well tested CI/CD pipelines. In addition, the candidate must be comfortable using docker to containerise web-applications that can be delivered to Kubernetes clusters or Serverless Deployment (such as AWS Lambda).

The candidate will work as part of a team (5-10 people) and is required to work from our London office (Moorgate, Central London) at least two days a week.

Requirements (in order of importance):

  • B.Sc in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant field
  • Experienced Python Developer (fluency in C++ and/or Go is a plus, php and laravel)
  • Comfortable with frontend JavaScript (React.js)
  • Experienced in concepts like object-oriented programming and test-driven development
  • Confident with technologies like cloud-computing (AWS/GCP), containerization (Docker, Kubernetes) and version control (git)
  • Experience building CI/CD pipelines for web-applications
  • Good communication, leadership, and team-working skills


  • Maintaining Brainpool web servers and deployments on AWS
  • Build web-application backends for Brainpool’s products and servers
  • Work in scrum/agile environment (daily updates)
  • Perform assigned daily tasks and respond immediately to issues/problems
  • Involved in unit/integration testing frameworks and practices
  • Working from office (Moorgate, central London) at least two days a week

Please send qualified resumes to [email protected]