Top AI & Data Events to look out for 2021

AI events Jan 19, 2021

The Artificial Intelligence industry differs from many in that the pandemic has not halted progress and rather many exciting advancements have been made such as GCP 3. Due to the rapid rate of advancement in AI tech of late, AI conferences are a fantastic method of learning about the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence tech as well as networking within the field. However, with lockdown restrictions still affecting many of us, we are unable to attend events in person. This has led to many events making special arrangements and migrating to virtual domains. Due to that here are some of our favourite AI and data centred virtual events to look out for in the first half of this year!

DataNova: February 9th-10th

The first conference I’d like to showcase is DataNova, while not explicitly AI focussed this conference’s sessions cover all things data related. Topics including driving digital transformation and migrating to the cloud are due to be presented along with key notes from special guests such as Bill Nye. The particular highlights of this event for us are the sessions focussing on the “data pandemic”, examining how the pandemic advanced many organisation’s use of data. With this conference currently declaring over 2000 attendees, networking opportunities should also be plentiful.

Global AI & Big Data Expo: 17th-18th March

The Global AI and Big data Expo is another conference to keep an eye on, this conference focusses on how businesses can secure value through leveraging AI and Big Data. The sessions cover use-cases across a variety of industries such as Amex’s use of AI in fraud detection, the use of data and machine learning use and the AI capability of H&M. This expo is perfect for anyone who wants to understand how AI use can help tackle critical business problems.

MIT technology review EMtech digital: March 23rd-25th

Being able to attend MIT technology review’s EmTech digital AI event highlights the benefits of virtual conferences, where there is now worldwide access to an event hosted in the US. This annual AI event focusses on how AI has transformed the workplace up to now and developments we can expect in AI tech over the coming years, with sessions from both decision makers at AI capable organisations such as IBM and key researchers in the field. We are particularly intrigued by the third day of this conference which will explore how we can expect AI technology to alter our everyday lives in the coming years and the business opportunities that are likely to come from this.

Artificial Intelligence world Congress: May 13th-14th

The final event that I would like to draw your attention to is the AI world Congress. This event in particular presents the diversity in the applications of AI and the vast quantity of industries that may be revolutionised, varying from sessions covering AI in assisted living for the elderly to how AI is likely to transform the vehicle insurance industry. This congress is definitely one to look out for if you want to learn more about how AI can be used for both social good and business benefit in the post pandemic world.

Those are our top picks for AI events in the first half of this year, while the atmosphere and networking opportunities that are experienced when attending these events in person will be missed. The virtual nature of events this year enables greater accessibility of worldwide events than ever before and we look forward to attending as many of these events as possible. We are anticipating an exciting year for AI and will continue to keep you updated with the latest events and “goings on” in the world of AI over the coming year. Check out another of our articles here outlining some of the top trends in AI to look out for over the course of 2021.

Written by Joe Duszynski Lewis

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